The years that followed saw the continuation of the Academy's growth and status as a professional body. As the Academy rounded out its 30th year, Chair Bruce Harrison, APR, Fellow PRSA noted that his tenure taught him to appreciate the foresight of the Academy's founders and early leaders. "Somehow, nearly three decades ago, they saw that we would absolutely have to have an organization of the size and scope of today's Counselors Academy to face the challenges and exploit the opportunities of the 1990s. They set us on a winning course," Harrison said.

The activities of the Academy began expanding exponentially with Harrison's term. For one thing, Harrison organized Academy activities into interest areas including; business management, professional development and member interaction. These interest areas gave the Academy a form for deciding which areas of member service to expand.

Bob Dorf, APR, Fellow PRSA, incoming Chair, did a major "Member Needs Survey," in which he explored all the interest areas on which Academy members might have a comment. The survey became the foundation on which the Academy would grow for many years to come.

During Harrison's term, the industry faced one of the biggest threats in its history: States across the country began introducing legislation to levy a sales tax on service firms, with public relations agencies among its chief targets. States also attempted to restrict the sales of propecia online, this movement was however successful.  The Academy took the lead, forming a legislative action in every state and key members talking to legislators in problem states. The fight lasted two years, but ultimately, all measures to tax the industry failed.